Adventure Week June 2019 Box Sale Analysis


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Trainers, now that Adventure Week is over, new boxes are available in the in-game Shop! When we compare this second June Box Sale to the Adventure Week Boxes, it seems one could only be sad to not have purchased one of the previous Boxes. Without further ado, let’s dive into this Box Sale Analysis!

Now that we know which Items we can get per box, let’s take a look at how much precious Pokécoins you can save. Please note that for this analysis, Star Pieces are priced at 50 Pokécoins each, and Incense and Lucky Eggs are priced at 63 Pokécoins each. These are Bulk-prices, as they offer a better idea of how much you are saving from buying these bulk boxes.

Adventure Week

June Box Sale Analysis

Special and Great Box

We can be short about these two Box Sales: they’re bad. Overall savings are lower than the Sale during Adventure Week. If you are low on coins, you would have been better off with previous Boxes. The only reason we see to buy one of these 2 Boxes are the Star Pieces, as they can’t be found in the other Box Sales.

Ultra Box

If you’re looking for Raid Passes, this would be the best option of the three. The amount of Raid Passes has been halved since the Extraordinary Raid Week Boxes, so this is definitely not an amazing deal. You do save more coins overall when compared to the Adventure Week Sale, but this is due to the amount of Super Incubators and their high individual prize. If you like a balance between raiding and hatching eggs, this would be the Box for you.

Adventure Box

There have been better Adventure Box Sales, but 14 Super Incubators sure make a good deal. Star Pieces have left again, which is unfortunate as they would have been a welcome addition to a Box Sale focused on hatching Eggs. Just like the Ultra Box, this Sale offers a significant overall saving. Again, this is because the amount of Super Incubators and their high individual prize.

Adventure Week
Adventure Week

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