Pokémon GO: list of best attacks and creatures to defeat Groudon and Kyogre [PHOTOS]


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Users of Pokémon GO already enjoy the Hoenn Event , which has Groudon and Kyogre as raiding leaders . Know how to beat them with these creatures.

The Hoenn Event has mobilized all the Pokémon GO coaches in the world, since the return of Groudon and Kyogre as raid chiefs, with bright out options, is a great reason to visit the different gyms. For this reason we have made a detailed list with the best creatures and attacks to defeat  the legendary known as the climate trio.

Although the new event within the Niantic app has many surprises for all coaches, the most outstanding thing is the presence of the two legendary pokémon of the third generation , which have the best land and water type stats inside. of the augmented reality game.

The Hoenn event will be available from January 15 at 4:00 in the afternoon until the 29th of the same month at 4:00 pm (Peruvian time). That is, you will only have two weeks to get Kyogre and Groudon with 100% IV, which will be very useful when attacking gyms and during the PVP mode.

That’s why we will present you with the list of the best pokémon and attacks that will allow you to quickly defeat Kyogre and Groudonand get the most Honor Balls so you can have more chances of capturing them.

The stats of the legendary land type,  Groudon, are spectacular, since it has 270 in attack level, 228 defense and stamina 205. The maximum PC that can reach the pokémon at level 40 is 4115 with a life of 173. This creature has three combinations of movements that can serve you: when the weather is sunny it is better to use Dragon Tail and Solar Ray; On the other hand, there is also Dragon Tail with Earthquake and Mud Shot and Solar Ray.


On the other hand, the legendary water type of the third generation, Kyogre , has the following statistics: 173 of life and 4115 of PC in level 40. In addition, it has 270 points in attack, 205 in endurance or stamina and 228 defense. best moves to attack and defend are Waterfall and Hydro


The best pokémon and attacks defeat Kyogre


Kyogre being a water-type pokémon is resistant to creatures with steel, water, ice and fire attacks; On the other hand, the legendary of the third generation is vulnerable to movements based on electrical and plant. Next, we present the list:  

Deoxys attack form

If you already participated in the EX raids and you were lucky enough to capture the new form of Deoxys, we told you that you have the best attacker in your hands, since the DNA pokémon will do 100% Kyogre damage. The attacks that you must have are: Zen Header or Noxious Puya as fast attack and Electrocañón as MT Loaded

Deoxys normal

The basic form of the DNA Pokémon is the second best attacker against Kyogre , because you will generate 98% damage in the legendary of Hoenn with the Lightning Charge or Zen Head and Lightning attacks.


If you have an Electabuzz with a good attack and accounts with a Sinnoh stone it is time to use it, since Electivire is the best third pokémon against Kyogre , since it will cause 93% damage with the Impactrueno and Voltio Cruel attacks.


As we discussed above, water types are also vulnerable to pokémonplants so Roserade will be a good fourth option to defeat Kyogre . The attacks you need are Sharp Blade and Solar Ray.


The legendary of the second generation can be obtained as a reward for field research week, so, if you were lucky enough to get a 100% or one with good attack stats will be very useful, since the movements Voltiocambio and Voltio Cruel will generate a lot of damage in Kyogre .


Like raikou, it will generate 90% damage in Kyogre so it will be good to have it on your team if you do not have the first damage options. The movements you need are: Impactrueno and Rayo.


In case you lack any of the pokémon mentioned above, Luxray will also be useful in the fight against Kyogre, as it will cause 88% damage to the legendary water type. The movements you should have are Chispa and Voltio Cruel.


If you got a Venasaur during the last Community Day of 2018, we tell you that it will be very useful in your raiding team, since the movements of Látigo Cepa and Planta Feroz will generate 84% damage in Kyogre .

Attackers against Kyogre

The best pokémon and attacks to defeat Groudon

Groudon is the best earth-like creature you can find in Pokémon GO , which is resistant to poison, rock and electric attacks; however, it is vulnerable to the pokémon type plant, ice and water. Next, we present the best attackers :


If Groudon is the best earth-type pokémon , Kyogre is the maximum representative of water type, since it will cause 100% damage with the Cascade movements and the charged Hydrobomb or Blizzard attacks.


The evolution of Roselia will be very useful against Groudon as long as it has plant type attacks such as Sharp Blade and Solar Ray. The damage that will cause the legendary will be 97% which makes it the second best attacker.


The Hoenn event will be an excellent opportunity to test the second evolution of Totodile, since thanks to the Hidrocañón movement it has become the best water type attacker in Pokémon GO .


If we have to mention the best ice-type pokémon that is Weavile, since with the movements Canto helado and Alud will be an excellent option against Groudon .


This level three raid commander can also be on our team to defeat Groundon , since the Cascade and Hydrobot attack will be very useful.


In our team against the land type can not miss Gyarados, who with the movements Cascada and Hidrobomba will generate 89% damage in Groudon .


In addition to Roserade, another good choice of Pokémon type plant is the latest evolution of Bulvasaur and better if you have the exclusive movement Ferocious Plant as charged attack, in regards to the fast attack you must have Whip Strain.

Attackers against Groudon

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