Pokémon GO: users filter arrival of Jirachi in new event for Christmas with Delibird

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The new Pokémon GO event would not only mark the return of Delibird , but the legendary Jirachi would finally make an appearance.

A few days ago, several coaches received an e-mail from Niantic announcing the return of Delibird in a new event; nevertheless, in social networks the arrival of the legendary Jirachi creature is announced to Pokémon GO .

Jirachi , like Deoxys, is a legendary pokémon belonging to the third generation and could be available in the augmented reality game of Niantic over the next few days so that coaches can register it in the Pokédex and use it in the matches.

The arrival of the new legendary creature was mentioned by the same official Pokémon GO account through Twitter in February 2018. In that message it announced Mew, Celebi and Jirachi, but the tweet was immediately removed from the social network; however, it was recorded.


Months later, the dataminers found in the Pokémon GO code traffic the name Jirachi , which increases the chances of the landing of this legendary tender of the third generation to the creation of Niantic in the coming days.


All this reinforces what was published by the Twitter account @ CommunityGONews , who states that Jirachi would arrive at Christmas as a new investigation of Professor Willow, as well as Celebi, Mew and Meltan; On the other hand, the other option for the landing of this new legendary would be as head of the level five raids, since Cresselia will be until December 18 in Pokémon GO .


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