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The keys to the success of the Executive EMBA: flexibility, internationalization and prestige.
The Executive MBA Online is a demanding program. The participants are managers and businessmen with experience, and so they choose a practical training that will allow them to manage the change in business environments that are constantly transformed.
In the face of ever more competitive markets, this program offers a global strategic vision of the company and, in turn, promotes excellence in top management.
Objectives of the Executive MBA Online (EMBA): What will the participants achieve?
To enhance and develop their management capacities.
To successfully confront the new trends in the environment.
Improve and boost your professional career.
Efficiently manage the different areas of business management.
To strengthen their knowledge in business management.
Develop the essential management skills for decision-making.
Expand and consolidate your management and leadership skills with the executive MBA (EMBA)
The business world is immersed in a continuous transformation process that puts new trends and management challenges on the table. This has a direct impact on aspects such as the growing internationalization of markets, the new models of trade relations that have emerged in the heat of new information and communication technologies (ICT) or the need to attract and retain the Talent, with the aim of obtaining an added value for the company.
In this context, the executive MBA online or semi-presence (EMBA) of EAE Business School endows executives and managers with an integrated and global vision of the Directorate General, and provides them with the tools and skills essential for them to Successfully develop in positions of responsibility of any organization.
The study programme, which is eminently practical and interactive, is aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals with more than five years of experience in managerial positions, and offers a wide range of management skills, as well as the resources to manage change in Dynamic business environments with a strong international vocation.
In the face of increasingly competitive markets, this program offers global strategic training within the company and, at the same time, promotes excellence in senior management and the development of leadership competencies.
Throughout the master, each participant will learn and work the contents in an autonomous, flexible and orderly manner, adapting to their needs and interests and with the guarantee of being part of one of the 30 best business schools in the world (according to the Ranking Ibero-American 2014 of America Economía) and the second most reputable business school in Spain (Ranking Merco 2017).
In addition, EAE Business School has one of the highest employability rates in the market among its MBA students, as shown by QS’s Global 200 Business School Report, which ranks it among the 50 best schools in Europe.

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