Filter Mewtwo with Armor in the video game [VIDEO]

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Users of Pokémon GO could experience the return of an old acquaintance, as the arrival of Mewtwo with armor would have leaked to the video game.

mage circulates on social networks. Users of Pokémon GO have been surprised with a filtered picture where the expected Mewtwo with Armor within the video game is appreciated as if it were a level 5 raid chief.

Mewtwo Armored is one of the legendary, despite being artificial, more expected by the coaches of the game of augmented reality, since, in addition, being a kind of collection for its appearance, this creation is the most powerful psychic pokémon in Pokémon GO .

The filtered image of Mewtwo Armored in Pokémon GO comes from an event held in Japan, where we can appreciate this legendary first generation in a raid of level 5 and whose PC would be 49 430, lower figure than it had in his Normal aspect within the game of augmented reality.

Mewtwo Armored is leaked in Japan event as if it were a foray boss in Pokémon GO

This has awakened the expectation of the users of Pokémon GO , since in April different forms of Mewtwo were filtered in the augmented reality game codes, in addition, that the mobile game is also used by the franchise in its marketing strategy to reach more fans.

The curious thing about this recent leak is that the new trailer of the remake of the new franchise movie was revealed: Pokémon Mewtwo Strikes back: Evolution , which you can see below.

At the moment, the filtered image has not been confirmed by Niantic, so we’ll wait for what the creator of Pokémon GO can say about the possible arrival of Mewtwo Armored in the augmented reality game.

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