July Community Day: Guide for (Mudkip)


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Niantic has revealed the exclusive attack that Mudkip will learn if we evolve it during the hours of the event. We review all the details.

The July Community Day this month of July 2019 is getting closer. The monthly meeting of Pokémon GO Trainers returns this coming Saturday and does so with Mudkip as the main protagonist. Niantic has announced the exclusive movement that the initial Hoenn Water type can learn if we evolve it before an hour has passed since the end of the event. Let’s know the details.

Date and details of the July Community Day

This July Community Day will begin on Sunday , July 21 at 4:00 pm and end at 7:00 pmlocal time; that is, applied to everyone regardless of the time zone. A total of 180 minutes where the spawns of this creature will be much more frequent than normal. As always, play this time very well to benefit from the bonus, rewards and exclusive moves of this occasion.

Mudkip, the initial Water type Pokémon in the Hoenn region

The two bonuses announced for this Community Day are x3 in experience per captureand three hours of duration for the Bait Modules , so it is advisable to stay close to a Poképarada in order to take full advantage of that item.

Regarding the exclusive movement, it has been confirmed that Mudkip will learn Hidrocañón (base 90 damage, DPS 47.4) as it evolves during the hours of celebration of the event or, failing that, up to one hour after it ends; that is, 19: 59h. Finally, it can be said that the probability of Mudkip appearing in its shiny / variocolor form will also be increased. To evolve to Marshtomp 25 caramels are necessary ; from Marshtomp to Swampert are 100 candies , so a Baya Pinia when capturing each Mudkip is more than recommended if we aspire to evolve a few shiny or a full IVs appearance.

Pokémon GO Mudkip

With the new valuation method introduced with this latest update, already available in iOS and Android terminals, you can see at the moment and without the need to resort to third-party applications the genetic potential of our captures. Now a bar will indicate the IVs in a very easy way to understand in attack, defense and stamina.

As in previous months, the best advice we can give you is to leave home well equipped with Poké Ball and Baits with a handful of Pinia berries to get more candy during the capture.

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