Pokémon GO Community Day: date and Pokémon of the next event [PHOTOS]

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Little is left for the new Community Day in Pokémon GO. Get ahead with the possible creatures that would arrive at the event to start in just two weeks.

Pokémon GO does not lose the spark of its Community Day . After the success of the Community Day of Mudkip , and the bonuses that it gave to users such as the shiny versions of it and Swampert, as well as the Hidrocañón attack and the possibility of catching one of 100 iv, now the whole community looks forward to the new stellar pokémon of the next event in the Niantic video game.

The Community Day of Pokémon GO is done on a monthly basis and is the most anticipated because the pokémonprotagonist also debuts in appearance shiny and its latest evolution learn a special move.

According to the calendar of events that Niantic shared in April, Pokémon GO will have a new GO Fest to be held in Asia-Pacific, but it has no exact place so far and the Community Day that will take place on Saturday, August 3.

Date of the next Pokémon GO Community Day.

This short time there for the next Community Day of Pokémon GO , it is less than 2 weeks ago users already have their candidates for the event , which have been mentioned since early 2019.

Among the options mentioned in social networks, users Pokémon GO wish to have a Community Day of Ralts or Trapinch , who appear infrequently in the game augmented reality feature that makes them important candidates for Community Day .

Supposed Ralts Community Day in Pokémon GO.

On the other hand, users of Pokémon GO want to increase their collection of shiny creatures , especially of the first generation, as they put as candidates for Rhyhorn , ground-type Pokémon or Porygon , whose variocolor aspects are not in the augmented reality game.

Trapinch and its evolutions in Pokémon GO.
Trapinch and its evolutions in Pokémon GO.

Another option that is named by the users of Pokémon GO is Gible , dragon and rock-like creature, which was added a few months ago to the augmented reality game.

Gible in Pokémon GO.
Gible in Pokémon GO.

The truth is that with Mudkip the initials of the third generation have already been participants in this event, so it could be possible that some representative of the Sinnoh region or that has evolution in the fourth generation will star in the next Community Day .

Remember that the crossover event between Pokémon GO and One Piece already starts, which will allow you to capture Pikachu shiny with a straw hat . This creature of electric type with its new appearance will appear in the augmented reality game until July 29.

As you can see, August 3 may bring more of a surprise to Pokémon GO fans . Stay tuned to our website so that you know the best guides and the most useful tricks with which you can take advantage of these Community Days in the Niantic game 

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