Pokémon GO: Niantic hid a “surprise” for Christmas and someone have it


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The ‘Pokémon GO’ Christmas event started few days ago and thousands of players have returned to the streets to catch the third generation Pokémon that have just been enabled by Niantic. In addition to the Pokémon of the Hoenn region, Niantic enabled Delibird, a second-generation ice Pokémon that is appearing by heaps during this event that takes place for Christmas.


The Appearance of the Pikachu.

Finally, the last “surprise” that Niantic prepared for the Christmas event was the appearance of the Pikachu with Santa’s cap, a special Pokémon that already had its appearance in the previous event.

Although officially announced these three great novelties, there was a fourth that was hidden for most players of ‘Pokémon GO‘ and only have gotten some users. We refer to the Pichu with Santa Claus hat, a Pokémon very difficult to obtain and you can only get if you hatch the largest amount of eggs of 2 kilometers. You got any?

First episode of Pokémon

If you are a real fan of Pokémon, both anime and video games, you must remember the first episode of this series that marked the beginning of a great adventure for Ash Ketchum, a 10 year old boy whose only goal is to become a “master Pokémon“.

To achieve this, you will have to win countless battles alongside your inseparable friends, being Pikachu the most beloved by all Pokémon fans. If you don’t remember how to start this series, we invite you to see the first episode. Nostalgia? Watch the episode on YouTube.

The day ASH won the Orange League

Most believe that Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of Pokémon, loses all the leagues in which he participates. However, it is good to highlight that he had an incredible victory in the Orange League. On that occasion, his team Pokémon, led by Pikachu and Charizard, managed to defeat the mighty Dragonite of Drake, the champion of the Orange League. If you want to revive that encounter, watch this video.


As is remembered, during the first seasons, Ash‘s rival was Gary, Professor Oak’s grandson who was characterized by his arrogance and because he always treated the protagonist of Pokémon badly.

However, Ash Ketchum took the rematch in the Pokémon League and beat him in a battle that still excites whoever sees him. If you want to revive it, we invite you to review this great video.

ASH’s best fight

Without a doubt, the best battle that Ash Ketchum had in the Pokémon League was against Tobias. On that occasion, the rival of our beloved protagonist had an invincible Darkrai, a legendary Pokémon.

On that occasion, Ash used almost all his Pokémon to defeat Darkrai, the Pokémon could not be defeated in that tournament. However, Tobias had another ace up his sleeve: a Heartbeat, another legendary Pokémon.

Say Good Bye to BUTTERFREE

Pokémon is an anime that has many chapters that touched our heart, one of them, and that still makes thousands of fans mourn the franchise, is the one where Ash Ketchum frees Butterfree. Do you remember?


Similarly, another of Pokémon’s saddest episodes is when Ash leaves Charizard so that he stays in training and becomes stronger. As you know, for a long time Charizard did not obey his coach; However, that changed and became one of the strongest Pokémon on his team.

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