Pokémon GO returns with Season 11th of the GO Battle League PVP

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Pokémon GO returns with Season 11 of the GO Battle League following the Interlude season. The most significant change is that the rank system will be reinstated, however some of the aspects of the previous system, which had a more transitional nature, will be preserved.

It will span three months, according to the GO Season’s timetable, and the inaugural Pokémon GO World will take place during that time. There will be a special event during that time, however specifics are limited at the present aside from the fact that the Super Ball League and the Fight Cup will be active, with Pokémon of this kind being completely ‘banned.’

Prior to that, throughout the month of June, we will conduct the inaugural GO Combat Day, with Mankey as the protagonist. The most prominent feature is that the first victory in each set will be rewarded with a prize match, and that by developing throughout the event, the ensuing Primeape will learn Cross Slash, a unique PVP skill.

On the same day, a Temporary Research centered on battle will be available, allowing you to achieve an Elite Charged TM. The Master Ball League and the Fossil Cup will both be operational, but only for Pokémon of the Water, Rock, and Steel types.

The anniversary of Pokémon GO will be commemorated on July 9 and 10 with a weekend of fights. There are no specifics regarding the celebration yet, but we do know that all three leagues will be active, and that there will hopefully be a Stardust bonus.

Judith, the 8th generation Fighting-type leader, will be the star of the season’s cosmetics. Her gloves will be unlocked at rank 20, her handkerchief in Veterano, the entire thing in Expert, and her pose will be limited for trainers who reach Legend rank.

The most notable aspect of the Pokémon is that after the first set, a Machamp will be gained, after reaching level 20, an Axew, and the final two rankings will be reserved for Noibat and Pikachu Libre, like in past seasons. Existing Pokémon’s moves will remain unchanged.

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