Pokémon GO: The raid to get the Mewtwo shiny is delayed

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Due to ‘Technical difficulties’, Niantic Labs has decided to delay the incursion to capture Mewtwo in its various color version; They have not communicated a new date.

Bad news for the coaches: Niantic Labs has decided to delay the legendary raid of Pokémon GO where we could get a Mewtwo variocolor . It was going to take place yesterday afternoon, but the study has decided to delay it due to “technical difficulties” . So far, they have not communicated the new date.

“Legendary Raid Time with Mewtwo will be postponed to a later date”

“Due to technical difficulties, the Mewtwo Legendary Raid Time will be postponed to a later date . Sorry for the inconvenience,” the study wrote on its Twitter account.

However, it seems that not everyone was aware of this change in the calendar: the official Pokémon GO account asked all coaches to be careful during the raid.

From Niantic Labs they promised that every Wednesday afternoon, for an hour, coaches would find more frequent raids with the current featured Legendary Pokémon . While Raikou, Entei, Suicune and Deoxys starred in the previous raids, yesterday, September 18, was Mewtwo’s turn . In addition, a new raid is planned on September 25 with an unannounced Pokémon. Maybe, Niantic Labs uses this hole to launch the raid dedicated to Mewtwo.

While Niantic prepares to announce the new date, the first 5th generation Pokémon are already available . In addition.

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