Pokémon GO UPDATE to version 0.153.0 preparing the arrival of the 5th Generation


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New Pokemon Go Update

Recently the arrival of the 5th Generation to Pokémon GO has been updated and announced on the occasion of the third week of Ultrabonus. An update was necessary for his arrival to add the Pokédex entries of these new Pokémon that are coming.

This new version has as reference the 0.153.0 and its main change is the inclusion of these new Pokémon in the game code to be activated on September 16, 2019 at 22:00 CEST (13:00 PDT).

In the game code we can appreciate the inclusion of the entire 5 gene from Snivy to Genesect.

Not only have there been changes in the aesthetic code as well, such as the possibility of seeing in the Pokédex the registration of the region of Teselia (Unova in some countries).

This new version has not only added to the 5th Generation posts that have implemented a function that will be useful for many. This new feature is the ability to see how many Pokémon meet the requirements of our searches.

This has not been the only change because Niantic has decided to eliminate aesthetic elements in the use of the objects in the bag thus removing the icon of the object to be used and the name of it.

In this version there are also some bugs such as the disappearance of Professor Willow in the animations the first time you open the game or when it is reinstalled from Google Play or manually as you can see in the image below.

In the previous version we already notified you of 4 new Pokémon Go UPDATE with a strange form in the code in the form of Autumn. In this new version there are more details in the code although they leave us with doubts.

These new forms appear as follows in the code:


The curious thing about the changes in this version is that these new forms are inside the Invasions of Team GO Rocket, it will be that the Autumn Pokémon can only be obtained by Invasions or it will be that Niantic has added these Pokémon in a wrong way in this section to mislead?

Stay tuned to social networks and the website to learn more about this new Pokémon GO UPDATE.

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