Pokémon GO x One Piece: new event with Pikachu with straw hat


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Niantic will celebrate the new storyline of Toei Animation with this collaborative event Pikachu dresses for the occasion. From July 22 to 29.

Niantic has announced a new collaborative event between Pokémon GO and One Piece , the most successful manga of all time, whose anime premieres new saga on the occasion of the Wano bow. As we see, for a certain time Pikachu will appear with the straw hat characteristic of Monkey D. Luffy .

The event will take place from July 22 to July 29 . Beyond the appearances of Pikachu with this outfit, the straw hat can be used to dress the Coaches and Trainers from the store.

The One Piece anime is facing changes and new features. On the occasion of the new Wano arc a new opening and improvements in the animation of the series are introduced. The director will be at this stage Tatsuya Nagamine, who hopes that the celebration of the twenty-second anniversary of the series will be up to what the readers of Eiichiro Oda’s manga want.

News: Shadow Pokémon, Team GO Rocket and new rating system

Another of the great news of the day in Pokémon GO is the arrival of the Pokémon Shadow , the Team GO Rocket or news that directly affect the PvP , which renews its interface with more information. Finally, the new system of valuation of the Pokémon that allows to know in detail and accurately the number of IVs that the evaluated species has. This update is beginning to come to Android; it is expected to do it soon also to iOS devices.

Here you can consult all the Raid Chiefs , including Mewtwo Armored with a guide to face him , which are available during this month of July.

In this article we have compiled all the events that are going to be celebrated or are already being celebrated in the game over the next weeks; from research tasks such as Start-up through Legendary Raids or the legacy of Deoxys Speed . To conclude, we remember that the Community Day of the month of July is celebrated on the 21st with Mudkip as the main protagonist. For here all the details, which extend along this week with a guide designed to take full advantage of the hours available.

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