Pokémon UNITE presents Decidueye in its new update


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A new winged combatant arrives in Pokémon UNITE this week.

Pokémon UNITE has become one of the most prominent free games on Nintendo Switch and mobile phones, and its developers continue to update the title, as demonstrated by the presentation of a new Pokémon.

It is about Decidueye , the new Pokémon that will be available as a playable character, starting with Rowlet , which will evolve to level 5 to Dartix , before reaching level 7 to Decidueye , from which it will use all its abilities in its maximum splendor.

Decidueye will be an offensive Pokémon, with only minimal crowd control but with several ranged attacks that will be boosted by its Remote ability, which allows it to do more damage to enemies at a distance.

Skills such as Foliage, Sharp Blade, Shadow Stitch, Rainleaf and Fel Shadow will be his basic skills, while his Unite Movement will allow him to do great damage, which will increase as the HP of his enemies is reduced.

Decidueye will arrive at Pokémon UNITE on November 19 and will be available in exchange for 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Diamond Points.

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