Teselia statistics and movements revealed


Teselia Movements Here we bring you an interesting news related Teselia statistics and movementes revealed . Apparently, the game has been updated internally in recent hours preparing for the imminent arrival of the 5th generation of Pokémon to the app. Specifically, it has been verified that in the game code all the statistics and movements of the first Teselia … Read more

Teselia 5th Generation Pokémon confirmed (fifth generation)

Teselia 5th generation

The code of the game already includes in its interior a great list of creatures that will appear little by little. Unova / Teselia 5th Generation debuts on September 16. Teselia 5th generation of Pokémon is getting closer in Pokémon GO . It will not be until this September 16 when the natural species of Teselia debut in the successful application of Niantic for iOS … Read more