What’s New in Pokémon GO 0.145: Meeting with Jirachi, Charm and Giga


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The update 0.145.0 for Pokémon GO is coming little by little to Android and iOS and next to it comes a new wave of emotions. Above, 0.145 looks like a version of “bug fixes” but the data-miners have found several interesting things under the rug. ** Attention Spoilers ** (be warned)

Before continuing with the article, we want to reiterate that nothing written here is endorsed, confirmed or shared by Niantic. They are simply reports of several data-miners on the internet and could change. Keep this in mind before continuing reading, since Niantic can change, cancel or modify anything at any time.

Version for those who do not like to read a lot  (Still we love you):

  • Encounter with Jirachi found in the APK. More details below.
  • Added 2new movements:
    • Charm  (fast)
    • Giga Impacto  (loaded)
  • Support for dynamic event medals, although it is not yet clear for them to be used.
  • Support for Smasung Galaxy Store in APK.

Meeting with Jirachi

It has long been speculated that Jirachi would be the next special encounter / research Pokémon, and it seems that these speculations were correct. APK 0.145.0 mentions and describes Jirachi’s encounter meticulously.


The fact that the encounter represents a Sleeping Jirachi is a great point for Niantic, since, as the official Pokémon story about Jirachi says: “Jirachi will wake up from his lethargy of thousands of years if he is sung with a pure voice. They say that this Pokémon makes any wish come true. “

We are not sure if the meeting will be linked to a minigame with Pokemon singing or if the scene is purely aesthetic, but in any case, we are facing an exciting line of research.

Charm and Giga Impacto


For fans of the type  , finally we will have a fast attack of type Fairy: The attack «Charming»in the APK has been discovered . In addition to Encanto, Giga Impacto has also been found in the code, although the activations of both movements have not been found. Maybe in the next update?

We believe that both movements are equally interesting, since Encanto could revolutionize the fairy-type Pokémon and Giga Impacto could open the door to future Pokémon. Here we leave some Pokémon that can learn these movements when leveling up in the games of the main saga (we have excluded many of them because the list is huge):

CharmGiga Impacto

Of course, players are already speculating like crazy with these moves, but the general feeling is that Charm would be the exclusive movement of Ralts’ Communty Day (and its evolutionary line), while Giga Impacto would be the exclusive movement of Slakoth’s Community Day , which seems strange, but interesting at the same time.

There is another drawback, and that is that Charm is an attack that does not hurt in the games of the main saga, so we have to wait to see what Niantic will do with it: ” Charm is a movement of Fairy type. The Attack to the opponent goes down two levels. »

Dynamic Event Medals


The «Events with entry» have been renamed to «Dynamic Events» in the new APK. The new “Dynamic Event” medal appears to be a new system for grouping similar event medals into a single element. Each dynamic medal would have the following properties connected:

  • A special frame – as a fixed background image with the icon of the medal.
  • A dedicated texture – icon of the medal.
  • Several attached pins – perhaps one for each year that you participate in the event.
  • Several attached images – probably logos of various annual events.
  • Several lines of text – probably the explanation of each pin.

We are quite interested in seeing how this feature will be, as it will be a practical way to prevent the medals from becoming disordered and would provide a good tool for medal collectors.

Support for Samsung Galaxy Store


A minor change, but the Samsung Galaxy Store has been added as an individual store in APK 0.145.0. It is still not known how this will affect the players who install the game from the Samsung store, but at least they will have direct support in the game client.

Last words

And that’s all my friends! Just kidding. 0.145.0 is prepared to solve several stability problems, such as the problems of Adventure Sync (confirmed by Niantic ) and the strange situation of having to catch the sleeping Snorlax using 3 balls. With Jirachi, Encanto and Giga Impacto we have received more information than we expected, but we are not going to complain, there are many things to expect in the coming weeks and months.

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